Birthday Parties

Consider having your child’s birthday party at Glen Echo Fire Department! It’s a lot of fun, kids of all ages love the atmosphere, and there’s no need to worry about cleaning up your home afterwards.

What We Provide

  • Party space in our engine room, tables, chairs, and ice.
  • A limited amount of refrigerator or freezer space.
  • A party host or hostess to help coordinate, answer questions, and so forth.
  • A tour of a fire engine, ambulance, advanced life support “chase car” SUV, and/or our all-terrain vehicle, our engine room, and the downstairs portion of our firehouse.
  • Upon request, a brief talk about fire safety and 911. Children will also have the opportunity to try on real firefighter gear and take part in a fire hose demonstration (weather permitting).
  • A fire hat and activity bag for each child to take home.

We Ask The Family To Provide

  • At least one adult for every 5 children.
  • Food (e.g. cake, ice cream, pizza, beverages, and/or snacks).  Most local grocery stores with bakery departments are happy to provide a cake in the shape of a fire truck if desired.
  • Decorations as desired. If you would like to decorate or put out tablecloths, etc., you may arrive up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the party (we ask that you do not arrive any earlier than 30 minutes prior as the firehouse host/hostess may not yet be available to assist you).
  • Additional activities to keep children engaged during the birthday party. A piñata, small crafts activities, coloring pages, and similar activities are always popular.

Other Information

  • Birthday parties are held in the engine room (garage) of the firehouse, and the temperature in the area varies depending on the weather. In the summer, the area has fans but does not have air conditioning. During winter, the engine room has heaters, but if there is a need to open one of the garage doors to allow vehicles to enter or exit, cold air can enter and the space can remain chilly for a few minutes afterwards. Accordingly, we strongly recommend that guests bring a sweater or fleece jacket to put on if needed.
  • Because the party is hosted in an environment where there are vehicles and machinery, we require that guests stay in the designated party space unless on a guided tour. Guests may not climb on or in vehicles unless supervised by the firehouse host/hostess.
  • If you’d like to order pizza, we suggest having it delivered to the firehouse about 15 minutes after the scheduled start of the party (the closest Domino’s location is about 5 minutes from the firehouse at 5110 Ridgefield Road, at the intersection of Westbard Avenue, Ledo Pizza is at 5245 River Road near the intersection with Ridgefield Road,
    and other pizza shops are in downtown Bethesda).
  • No alcoholic beverages or smoking are allowed on the property.
  • Parents are required to be present for the duration of the party and should take the lead on setting the party agenda and activities in consultation with the firefighter host or hostess. Parents who have organized the party are responsible for supervising children at all times.
  • Children usually get an opportunity to climb inside the fire engine or ambulance. Because we are a working firehouse, we cannot guarantee that a given vehicle will be available at a particular time.

Costs, Dates, and Reservations

  • For cost information, to check on available dates and times, or to make a reservation, please visit the birthday party scheduling section on the contact us page of our website.


If you have questions, please feel free to ask using the web form on the contact us page of our website.

Thank You!

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