There are a variety of ways for you to contribute to Glen Echo Fire Department.

Credit Cards

We strongly prefer credit card donations as they are easier and less expensive than checks for us to process (the average cost for us to process a credit card transaction is less than $2.50, while our cost to process a paper check is almost $10.00).

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Please click the “Donate” button, and you will be taken to a secure page to enter your credit card information.

You will have an opportunity to print a receipt, and you will also receive an email confirmation of your donation. 

Your credit card number is neither revealed to nor stored at Glen Echo Fire Department.

Payments are processed by PayPal but you do NOT need a PayPal account to make a credit card contribution.


We strongly prefer credit card donations as they are easier and less expensive than checks for us to process (the average cost for us to process a credit card transaction is less than $2.50, while our fully-allocated cost to process a paper check is almost $10.00).

If you’d still like to donate by check, please mail your donation to:

Glen Echo Fire Department
5920 Massachusetts Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20816-2044

You can also place your check in the locked mailbox adjacent the front door at the firehouse. Please do not hand checks to firehouse personnel.

Other Mechanisms

Combined Federal Campaign

Our CFC number is


and we are grateful to the many federal employees who support us!

Appreciated Securities

A popular alternative to a cash donation is a gift of appreciated securities. Generally, in addition to receiving an income-tax deduction for the full, fair market value of the stock, the donor avoids any potential tax on the capital gain of the securities assuming the appropriate holding period has been satisfied.

Charitable Bequests

Charitable bequests can allow donors to make significant contributions to the Department that they would not have been able to make during life, with the added bonus of reducing estate tax liability. Bequests by will may provide the Department with a specific dollar amount or property, a percentage of the estate, a residual amount, or a contingency bequest.


Charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, gifts of real estate with or without retained life interests, or life insurance can also be an attractive and suitable means of donating to Glen Echo Fire Department. We also accept used vehicle donations.

Donate Used Clothing and Shoes

Donate used clothes or shoes in the bins at the firehouse, at Westbard Shopping Center, or Glen Echo Shopping Center and help support GEFD!

If you have donated clothing at one of our collection bins and would like a receipt, you can download one here: Clothing Donation Receipt Form.  For assistance determining the appropriate value of donated items, you may find it useful to consult the Goodwill Valuation Guide for Donors.

Buy A Mattress!

Replace your old, worn-out mattress with a brand new one from our friends at The Mattress Connection and support Glen Echo Fire Department!  Please see our online flyer.

Shop at

Support Glen Echo Fire Department every time you shop at!  See the link to our Amazon portal and don’t forget to add a bookmark!

How We Solicit Funds

Glen Echo Fire Department solicits funds only though the mail.

Glen Echo Fire Department does not:

  • Solicit funds over the telephone
  • Solicit funds door-to-door
  • Hand-deliver brochures to residents’ front doors
  • Pick up checks at residents’ homes as a follow-up to telephone solicitations

If you receive a solicitation in one of the above-listed forms that references Glen Echo Fire Department, it is imperative that you contact us immediately and provide as much information as possible.

How We Use Donations

Funds donated by the community have allowed us to operate our ambulance with “medic” status (enabling our paramedics to administer drugs and to treat heart attack and stroke patients), purchase uniforms for our members, maintain our firehouse, pay our office staff, stock our kitchen pantry, buy office furniture, install landscaping upgrades, repair our engine and other vehicles, and purchase vehicles for our members and command personnel to use while attending training or performing their duties.

Why Do We Ask For Money In the First Place?

One of the common misconceptions is that if a volunteer fire department accepts tax funds, its basic needs are met. This is not the case, as our routine obligations exceed what Montgomery County covers. We spend tens of thousands of dollars every year to pay bills because of this situation, and we believe it’s important to have an adequate “rainy day” fund and to plan ahead for large future outlays. Remember, we want to improve and expand upon the level of service we provide, not merely maintain what we offer now.

About Our Mailing Lists

Our mailings are usually distributed to every address on the various US Postal Service carrier routes in our service area. It’s far more cost effective for us to send mail this way than to attempt to remove the addresses of the handful of residents who might not wish to receive our correspondence. Most people tell us that they enjoy hearing from public safety providers and that we strike just about the right balance in terms of the frequency of our outreach.

Tax Deductions

Donations to Glen Echo Fire Department are tax-deductible under §170(c)(1) of the the Internal Revenue Code.  Contributions that must be directed to a §501(c)(3) entity may be made to the Glen Echo Fire Department Foundation.


If you have questions about donations, please send us a message on the contact us page of our website.  

Thank You!

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