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Stop SignHave you been entering your volunteer and meeting LOSAP hours into PIMS? If not, PLEASE do so! It only takes a minute, it’s easy even if you’ve never done it before, and it’s CRITICAL for GEFD and for the volunteer component of the Montgomery County Fire Rescue Service when it comes to funding, calculating the contributions of volunteers, etc.  If you haven’t entered your hours this year, please do so now.  Use the log book in the watch office and/or your personal calendar to help you recall when you rode or were involved in other GEFD activities. You can access PIMS from home, from the GEFD computer lab, or from the computer in the GEFD watch office.  Here’s the link:



Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service (MCFRS)

Division of Volunteer Services (DOVS) Quicklinks (Info on fingerprinting, physicals, property/uniform request forms, etc.)

Uniform Q & A

Q: Where do I get the property request form to obtain uniform items and/or gear? A: Property request forms can be downloaded from the DOVS Quicklinks web page (linked above) or you can (usually) find a blank one in one of the wall bins in the TV room at the firehouse

Q: What do I do with the property request form once I’ve filled it out? A: Once you’ve completed the form, put it in the wall bin that says “Completed Forms Awaiting Approval” and then keep checking back to see if it’s been authorized

Q: Where do I get my uniform once I have my property request form signed? A: MCFRS Logistics Section (please remember to take a photo ID with you when you go to logistics)

Q: To what uniform items am I entitled and at what point? A: See pages 32-35 of this document. If you’re a new member, we’ll save you some reading — you get: Two dark blue tee shirts with the GEFD logo on the back, one midnight blue polo shirt with the GEFD logo on the front, one pair of long pants, one belt, and a gear bag. You’ll need to provide your own black or dark blue socks, as well as your own black boots or black athletic shoes. Firefighter candidates will be issued additional personal protective equipment as detailed in the linked document

Q: When I become a Firefighter I or an EMS Provider I, do I get all the uniform items that are listed in addition to what I was issued as a new member? A: No. You get the difference between what you were issued in your New Member Complement and the items for which you’re eligible once you’re a FF I or EMS Provider I. For example, if you received two tee shirts and one pair of pants as a new member, you would be eligible for two additional tee shirts (not four) and one additional pair of pants (not two) once you became a FF I or EMS Provider I.

Q: How can I get a GEFD patch sewn onto the sleeve of my uniform collared shirt once it’s issued to me? A: Get patches from the GEFD Quartermaster and take them with your collared shirts to Westwood Cleaners. Ask them to apply the patches to the left sleeve of your shirts and to direct bill Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service. They may be willing to apply EMS patches as well if you ask nicely) but they may want you to pay out of your own pocket for applying patches other than GEFD patches. Please note that you may not wear a shirt with an EMS, paramedic, or other patch or insignia that might lead others to believe that you have qualifications, training, skills, or rank that you do not possess.

Q: Where is Westwood Cleaners? A: There are two locations: One is 5110 Ridgefield Road, Suite 100, Bethesda, MD 20816-3346, (301) 657-1813 (only about a mile from GEFD at the corner of Ridgefield Road and Westbard Avenue — this is the dry cleaner in the building where Domino’s Pizza is located and not the dry cleaner next door to Suntrust Bank). Map and directions from GEFD. The other is 8517 Atlas Drive, Gaithersburg, MD 20877, (301) 208-1813 (this location is off of Shady Grove Road near I-370 and the Gaithersburg Post Office facility). Map and directions from GEFD


Montgomery County Volunteer Fire Rescue Association (MCVFRA)
MCVFRA Home Page MCVFRA Contract Governing Rights and Responsibilities of MCFRS Volunteers

County Laws and Administrative Regulations Pertaining to Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service Chapter 21 — Laws Pertaining to MCFRS Chapter 21 — Administrative Regulations Pertaining to MCFRS

Maryland State Firemen’s Association (Including Ocean City Convention Information)

Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS) Maryland Fire Rescue Institute (MFRI)

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

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