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Santa Claus plans to tour Glen Echo Fire Department's neighborhoods on the evenings of Wednesday, December 17 through Sunday, December 21.

Santa and his helpers try VERY hard to drive past every house in the areas that Glen Echo Fire Department serves (click the map below), although Santa cannot come down some streets because of their narrow width, because of the way that cars have been parked, or because vehicles in Santa's entourage cannot turn around safely at a dead end.

Santa does his best to be out and about during hours when children are awake, however, weather, availability of Santa's helpers, and the volume of emergency calls can all have an impact.

We ask that residents avoid phoning the firehouse to find out where Santa is or when he will come by -- we plan to TRY to post information on Santa's whereabouts here on our website, so please check back.


Update as of Friday morning, December 19 -- as always, plans get altered at the last minute, so it hasn't been possible to say where Santa has planned to go.  Resourceful person that he is, however, Old Saint Nick has done the best that he can and will continue to make the rounds.  Neighborhoods where Santa has already been include: Brookmont, Westmoreland Hills, Sumner, Glen Echo Heights, Mohican Hills, and Green Acres.  If your neighborhood isn't on the list yet, Santa will probably see you soon (provided, of course, you've been on the correct side of the naughty/nice list this year)!


Update as of Saturday morning, December 20 -- Santa was out again last night and visited Springfield, Wood Acres, and Tulip Hill.  More to come this evening!


Update as of Sunday morning, December 21 -- Santa finished up his rounds last night night with visits to Kenwood Park, Goldsboro, Bannockburn, Sumner Village, and the Town of Glen Echo. 

It was a great four nights, and Santa appreciates everyone who came outside to wave and extend warm holday greetings.

No experience is required for any of our positions. 

If you have the will to go through training and to commit to serving  the community regularly for at least two years, we are thrilled to have you participate.

Please visit our volunteer page for further details, and please consider joining our Glen Echo Fire Department family.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Funds contributed by the residents we serve allow Glen Echo Fire Department to operate not just as a good fire, rescue, and emergency medical service, but as a truly exceptional one.  This is what residents have told us that they want, and it's what we believe the community deserves.

The advanced life support upgrades to our ambulance that allow our paramedics to care for heart attack and stroke patients, as well as our fire chief's command vehicle, are but a few of the items we've purchased thanks to the community's generosity.

Moreover, some of the grants and low-interest loans for which we can apply require us to provide matching funds, and those dollars often can only come from our fundraising efforts.

Please give back today; your support really does help to make the difference.

Thank you from all of us at GEFD!
Glen Echo Fire Department is owned and operated by Conduit Road Fire Board, Inc., a private, not-for-profit corporation chartered by the State of Maryland Legislature in 1931, and led by a board of directors elected from neighborhoods GEFD serves. 
Conduit Road, as MacArthur Blvd was originally known, got its name because of the large water pipes buried beneath it.
Glen Echo Fire Department made history in 1979 when it hired Pam Foltz as the first female firefighter in the county.
Glen Echo Fire Department's "first due" or primary response area is over 6 square miles and is home to nearly 20,000 people. Click the map above for details.

Glen Echo Fire Department has the only Mercedes-Benz powered ambulance in all of Montgomery County!


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